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It was nighttime in the city of Petropolis. Keswick and Adolph, and the kids were asleep at Keswick's house. Adolph was spending a few days in Germany visiting her sister. One of the kids was having a nightmare. It was Keswick Jr. In her nightmare, Snaptrap has captured Keswick, Adolph, and the agents. The kids were trying to save them, but they were captured, too. They were tied to dynamite, and as it was going off, the dream ended before they could all blow up.

Keswick Jr.: *whimpers* :cries: 

Keswick: hey, sweetie, w-w-wake up. You're d-d-d-dreaming.[wakes her up] :hug:

Keswick Jr.: [wakes up] *shivering* :fear:

Keswick: were you having a nightmare? I h-h-heard you crying in your sleep. Are you okay? :hug:

Keswick Jr.: [nods crying] [hugs her daddy] :fear:

Keswick: come on. Tell me what happened. :hug:

Keswick Jr. tells Keswick what happened in her nightmare. Keswick comforts her.

Keswick: it's okay. You're alright now. [hugs his daughter] :hug:

Keswick Jr.: c-can I sleep w-w-with you t-tonight? :fear:

Keswick: sure. :hug:

They get back in the bed. Keswick and his daughter cuddled together to shield each other from anymore nightmares. In the morning, everyone woke up, and they got ready to go to T.U.F.F. The rest of the kids were up and ready to invent, but Keswick Jr. was even more afraid now that she was at T.U.F.F. because her nightmare had to do with the T.U.F.F. Agents. Keswick held the fearful 2-year-old while he worked. Soon, it was time to take a break. They all went into the break room, but the agents noticed something wrong with one of Keswicks daughters. 

Kitty: hey, Keswick. What's wrong with Keswick Jr.? :hug:

Keswick: she had a n-n-nightmare last night about us getting annihilated, and she can't work. :worry:

Kitty: aww, the poor thing. Let me see her. Maybe I can get her to calm down. :hug:

Keswick: go on. She w-w-will help you. :hug:

Kitty takes Keswick Jr. and talks to her. She feels a little bit better, better enough to work. Break time was over. Everyone got back to work, and Keswick and his kids were fine. Just then, Snaptrap burst through the window and captured Keswick Jr. Keswick and the agents followed them. The chief watched the kids until they got back. 

Gunther: daddy and our sister will be alright, right? :worry:

Chief: taking on Snaptrap will be a breeze. Your father is one of the top notch agents. :pride:

Genetic: yeah, they're agents, bro, they'll be okay. :hug:

Alvin: can we go watch? :please:

Chief: no. It's too dangerous. You can watch them on the monitors. :#1:

Runt: cool! :excited:

The kids watch as Dudley, Kitty, and Keswick go to rescue Keswick Jr. from the bad guys. She was frightened. The agents burst through the wall.

Kitty: Freeze, Snaptrap! :angered:

Keswick: and let go of my d-d-daughter! :angered:

Snaptrap: Agents Puppy and Katswell, you ran right into my trap! [pulls lever] :devil:

A couple of metal arms wrapped around them, leaving Keswick alone to fight for himself. Dudley and Kitty were hanging over the shark tank about to be eaten by sharks.

Snaptrap: Felsmick,... You're outnumbered! :devil:

Keswick Jr.: daddy! :fear: :worry:

Snaptrap: silence, you brat! :devil:

Keswick: l-l-leave her alone! :angered:

Snaptrap: *laughs* [pokes his nose] you're so puny! :devil:

Keswick: *bites* :pissed:

Snaptrap: AAAH! Henchmen, get him! :angered:

Francisco: [tries to grab Keswick] :angered:

Keswick: [slips out the way] [kicks him] :angered:

Ollie: [blasts at him] :angered:

Keswick: [shields blast] [punches ollie] :pissed:

Larry: AAAAAAAAAH! [runs like a baby] :fear:

Keswick: [blasts a net over the henchmen] :angered:

Snaptrap: you'll never get your kid back! I'll annihilate you both! [holds out blaster] [shoots him] :devil:

Keswick: [dodges blasts] [kicks blaster out of Snaptrap's hand] [beats him up] :pissed:

Snaptrap: You are one annoying alien! [grabs Keswick's tail] :angered:

Keswick Jr.: [covers eyes in fear] :fear:

Keswick: *YIP* *GRR!* *bites* [snaptraps arm] :pissed:

Snaptrap: AAAH! [tries to get free] [hits Keswick in the nose] :fear:

Keswick: *sniff*-Hah..'CHOO! :sneeze:

Snaptrap: [flies off] :devil:

The agents watch eating popcorn. They were impressed of how strong Keswick is fighting bad guys. They noticed he was protecting his daughter. Kitty and Dudley put the cuffs on the henchmen while watching Keswick beat up Snaptrap.

Keswick: [slams Snaptrap over and over] :angered:

Snaptrap: uncle! Uncle! I'll never steal your daughter again! :fear:

Dudley: you're going to jail, Snaptrap! :angered:

Snaptrap: I surrender! Just don't let him near me! :fear:

Keswick: GRR! *snaps* :pissed:

He frees his daughter. They hug lovingly. The T.U.F.F. Agents take the bad guys to jail and get back to T.U.F.F. The rest of the kids ran to their father and sister. 

KeswickXAdolph The Nightmare And The Kidnapping
Keswick's daughter, Keswick Jr., has a nightmare and then gets kidnapped while the kids' mother is away.
We were playing Tokyo Jungle and video taping. We had lived over 100 years again! We saw these unveiled prehistoric animals such as , dinosaurs, sabot tooth tigers (smilodon), mammoths, and ptarydactals! We also saw these little flying dinosaurs that hang with the crows. But what we saw were unevolved, ape-like humanoid creatures called homo Erectus! We were being chased by them again! My cousins were there and playing with me. Keswick and his family were there, too.


Jada: IT HAPPENED TWIIIICE! :excited: :lmao:

Me: it happened twice! Dareion, he's chasing you! He's on your booty! He's on your tail! Aaagh crap! OOOAA, MOMMMI! No! Not again! It happened twiiiiice! :fear: :lol:

Jada: AAAAAAAAH! :crazy:

All: AAAAAH! :crazy:

Me: Not again! :crazy:

All: RUUN! :excited: :fear:

Me: we lost 'em. :lol:

Dareion: do it again! :excited:

Me: wait a minute, what's that down there? Let's see what that is.- :shrug:

Dareion: NOOO! AAAAAH! [spinning the bear in the game with the controller] :fear: :crazy:

Me: no, wait. You Gotta see, gotta see, gotta see, gotta see. At least go see, I'm videotaping. :XD:

Dareion uses the controller, and the bear in the game goes to see what that is, and the HOMO ERECTUS was THERE! 



Keswick's mother and father: THERES MORE! :crazy:

Keswick's niece: NOOOOOOOOO! :lol:

Stan: AAAAAAAAAH! [like a girl] :fear:

Keswick's sister: wait, wait. :lol:

Dareion: dont worry! he didn't saw me! :XD:

Me: It didnt see us. he didn't see us. :lmao:

Dareion moves the bear back there, and they SAW US!

All: AAAAAAAAAAH! :fear: :crazy:

Me: RUN! :XD:

All: RUN! :fear:


Jada, Keswick's mother, sister, and niece: AAAAAAAH! :lol:

We went back to the shibuya station territory where only three of them were. We got scared when we saw them, but they were just fighting our bros or allies. Then, Dareion let me try to fight them, and I was winning. I killed two of them, but I was chased first.

Me: AH, there all around me! ... Look at them. [strikes and kills one] WHOA-BOOM!- [they see me and chase me] [running from them] AAAAH! NOOHOHOOO! Leave me alone! Leave me alone, y'all. AAAAH! They're after me! They're after me! Wow, they really do look like unevolved humans up close. Rare species... :excited: :fear: :lmao:

Jada: they look like cavemen! ^^;

Me: yeah, but they're als- they're actually called homo Erectus. OOOO! Knocked 'em down! Knocked 'em dead! [fighting them] WHOOOO! WHOOOOO! Are you gettingd this, Dareion? :excited:

Dareion: yeah. My turn! :excited:

Me: wait, wait, wait. :lol:

Dareion: HE KILLED YOUR BRO! HE KILLED YOUR BRO! :fear: :excited:

Keswick: AuBurney, LOOK OUT! :excited:

Me: aw, crap, he killed me! [bear in game dies] DEEEEEYED! (dead) :XD:

Dareion: let's be something else! :excited:

Stan: that was scary. :fear: :lol:

Keswicks mother: that was fun! :XD:

Keswick's father, niece, and me: that was hilarious! :lmao:

Keswick's sister: let's do it again! :excited:

We posted the video, and we were playingn again. Dareion was a robot dog, and I was a hyena. We saw Ana event and went to the yamanote line east territory. It was a panda and kangaroo event! They were fighting us! I was like whhhhhy! And nooooooo! We couldn't believe cute pandas were fighting us! I thought they were our friends! Note to self, never go to a panda event. If you play Tokyo Jungle or has heard of it, you would understand this fan fiction chapter. When there's a panda event, DON'T GO THERE! LMAO!
T.U.F.F. Pets Chapter #103 Homo Erectus/Panda
E played Tokyo jungle, lived over a hundred years, and got chased by the homo Erectus again, but this time, we fought them! Then, we died and tried to live to a hundred again, and we went to a panda event when we were 40 in the game, but they were fighting us!
I'm making a new art series of Blue Alien Dogs! I just drew the Chinese Crested, and more breeds will be coming soon!
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I am a obviously T.U.F.F. Puppy fan. I'm a fan of Kezwick from T.U.F.F. and also his god sister! Ooh! I can't believe it! :excited: The words I recently say to Kezwick is 'I :love: you!' Now that he's on deviantart, i can tell him! :iconrainbowsqueeplz: All of my closest cousins are also fans of T.U.F.F. Puppy and the oldest one has a crush on Kezwick. Kezwick is MY Cuddly-Boo! :love: you, :iconkeswickplz:!


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