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Patchy hasn't been mean lately. I actually got to pet her last night! She is still afraid of Keswick, though because she hints he's a dog.

Keswick: how come Patchy doesn't like other animals? :confused:

Me: she doesn't know them. She only knows Orange Stripes. She's afraid of others. She's not so mean once you get to know her. :shrug:

Keswick: okay. :D

Next time, Keswick approached her, he sat in front of her calmly until she finally came around. She can walk past Keswick now, but she won't touch him. 
On that Tuesday night that I stayed home from school, I suddenly felt like crying tears of happiness after hugging my mother good night after a long time. Keswick noticed the tears coming from my eyes. He thought I was sad, but I wasn't.

Keswick: AuBurney, what's wrong? Are you crying? :worry:

Me: *shrugs* I don't know... I just felt like crying... I don't know whether to feel happy or sad. [wipes tears] the feeling just suddenly came, and I don't know what to do. I get caught up thinking about my loved ones, and what would happen to the, as I get older. In a world like this... It's unlikely they could see me grow up. :cry:

Keswick: t-try thinking happy thoughts, like.. Okay, j-juh-just imagine... You're in a t-t-T.U.F.F. Puppy cartoon. You live with me and my mother, so you h-h-h-have 2 homes, and you work at T.U.F.F. along side me and the other agents. You're a hairless Chinese c-cruh-crested, your favorite breed. You live a happy life with us, and you never h-have a bad day ever again! We all know f-f-for a fact that this is what heaven is like. Every day is the best d-duh-duh-day! :D

Me: I hope I go there when I die, but I MOSTLY hope my loved ones, including my mother, grandma, you, my aunt and cousins, my father,...etc. I hope my whole family goes to heaven when we all die! Now, I'm worried... :worry:

Keswick: Don't w-w-worry about that. If you worry about the future, you won't g-get to enjoy the present. :hug:

Me: you're right. :D

Keswick: Think of my buh-bad jokes. You'll cheer up instantly. *giggles* :giggle:

Me: [thinks of Keswick's jokes] *grins* *giggles* :giggle:

We both watched T.U.F.F. Puppy until we fell asleep.
T.U.F.F. Pets Chapter #108 Feel Like Crying?
I have a good day, but at night, something on my mind suddenly makes me feel like crying, so Keswick helps me cheer up and think happy thoughts. :D
Yesterday, I was sick, but I went to school cause I thought I would get better. I didn't. Now, it's morning, and I feel a little better, but I have an ache and my legs were weak again, but less than yesterday. A minute ago, I just got done throwing up.

Keswick: do you feel b-b-better now? :worry:

Me: suddenly. Now I have to go to school. :unimpressed:

Keswick: I know. At first, I d-d-d-didn't think you should go to school. :relax:

Me: I'm still freezing, and my head and neck is warm, though. :confused:

Keswick: if you're w-weak, then you shouldn't. :love:

Me: *cough* *cough* :sick:

Keswick: I mean, you can d-duh-decide if you feel that way. :shrug:

Me: but I don't know. All I feel like is laying down. :confused:

Keswick: don't worry, you'll th-theh-think of something. :hug:

I went to school. I started feeling sick there. 


I then came home and took a nap after grandma braided my hair. My cousins came over, and I got a rude awakening from jada who's obviously feeling herself again. Dareion played super Mario bros as always, but today was different. He had decided to watch tv, and jada did that cup song as usual. I was watching tv in my room. Later they left, and it was a normal night for me because I was feeling better now. On a Tuesday of the next week, I had thrown up that morning. When I got to school, I threw up again and had diarrhea! I called my mother, and she took me home. Keswick was worried about me.

Keswick: are you alright? :worry:

Me: yeah. It's probably a virus. I didn't know if I was going to throw up more, so I came home. :sick:

Keswick: are you f-fuh-feeling better now? :hug:

Me: yeah. I should still stay home because my mother says I shouldn't be there if I had a virus. She also said I should eat something that'll settle my stomach. So, I have a day off from school. :D

Keswick: weren't you supposed to have a field trip today? :confused:

Me: yup, but we were also supposed to come back at 1, and I would've had to go to a class I don't like. So, being sick kinda has its benefits. :D

Keswick: okaaaay..? :shrug:
T.U.F.F. Pets Chapter #107 That Sick Feeling
I get sick and feel weird the next morning.
I'm making a new art series of Blue Alien Dogs! I just drew the Chinese Crested, and more breeds will be coming soon!
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I am a obviously T.U.F.F. Puppy fan. I'm a fan of Kezwick from T.U.F.F. and also his god sister! Ooh! I can't believe it! :excited: The words I recently say to Kezwick is 'I :love: you!' Now that he's on deviantart, i can tell him! :iconrainbowsqueeplz: All of my closest cousins are also fans of T.U.F.F. Puppy and the oldest one has a crush on Kezwick. Kezwick is MY Cuddly-Boo! :love: you, :iconkeswickplz:!


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I have no points, so I'm setting up an adoption to get some. go to my gallery, click the folder that says 'adoptions', and click on the art. it'll show five Chinese crested puppies. type in a comment which pup you want to but then cash in your points here. each costs 200 points. after you cash in the points, tell me (in a comment) the :




Link to older Drawing:

you can use the pup as long as you give me credit for your purchase. enjoy!

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