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I came home from school feeling sick. I have a cold. I told my mother, and she said she and Keswick have been feeling a little off, too. After I've done the dishes, I went into my room and got under my heat blanket after letting Astro in. I told Keswick.

Keswick: hey, AuBurney. :sick:

Me: hey, Keswick. My mother said you have a cold, too. :sick:

Keswick: yeah, but I'm only s-s-sneezing. :sneeze:

Me: oh. I have been dozing off, freezing, and I'm conjested. :sick:

Keswick: you s-s-s-sound like me. :sick: :D

Me: yup. :D :sick:

Keswick: your v-voice is c-cleh-closer to mine. :sick:

Me: yay! :sick:

Later, I fell asleep. Keswick stayed with me and watched tv. The next morning, my body was able to get up, but I had a cough and a sore throat. I was still stuffed a little, but the weird taste was almost completely gone. I went to school.
Tuesday, the last day of school before our thanksgiving break. I went to get my eyes checked. I came home and told Keswick that I will be getting a blue and red pair of glasses. The blue ones came the next day as the red ones will come in 3 weeks. On Wednesday, the glasses came. I showed Keswick.

Me: Keswick, they came! My awesome blue glasses! :excited:

Keswick: that's g-g-great! I actually don't need new glasses. I made mines indestructible with a g-g-g-gps system. I also have them strapped to where they can't get knocked off. :D

Me: cool! I wish mine was like yours but the same style and my favorite color. :omg:

Keswick: yeah. I can't w-wait to see you with your red ones. :excited: 

Me: me too! :excited:

We waited 3 weeks. They finally came, and we were both thrilled!

It was a Sunny Friday morning in Petropolis. That day was their new annual "T.U.F.F. Parents Day" Dudley made up for parents to meet the agents' friends/coworkers/partners. Kitty and the chief brought their mothers, while Keswick brought both his parents. Dudley, of course brought Peg, his mother. While Kitty and the chief's mothers sit down and conversate in the snackroom, Keswick and Dudley's parents meet in the breakroom.

Dudley: Keswick, you've met Peg. Mom, this is Keswick. :D

Keswick: These are my p-p-parents. :D

Peg: Nice to meet you, dear. What are your names? :D

Mrs. Keswick: You can just call us Mr. And Mrs. Keswick. :D

Peg: okay. :D

Dudley: [at the vending machine] yay! I've won more nuts! :excited:

All: that's beef jerky. :giggle:

Dudley: oh. ^^;

Keswick: let's go meet agent K-K-Katswell. :wave:

Kitty: hey, Keswick. Are these your parents? :wave:

Keswick: yeah. [faced towards Mrs. katswell] :giggle:

Kitty: um, Keswick... I'm over here. That's my mother. :giggle:

Keswick: oh. *giggles* I th-th-th-thought that was you. :giggle:

Mrs. Keswick: yeah, I was totally fooled. :giggle:

Mr. Keswick: they look so alike! :giggle:

All: *laughs*

Mrs. Katswell: hey, I met you before! My daughter and her partner saved us. :excited:

Mrs. Keswick: oh yeah! :omg:

Mr. Keswick: hah..hah..A'CHOO! :sneeze:

Kitty: bless you. :aww:

Mrs. Katswell: yeah, are you okay? :aww:

Mr. Keswick: *sniff* [ears flattened] [looks embarrassed] ^^;

Keswick: he's okay. He gets nervous sometimes, but he'll soon overcome it. Just like I d-d-did. :D

The chief's mother comes. They both meet Keswick's, Kitty's, and Dudley's parents. Later they have lunch. After that, Peg spends some time with Kitty's mother.

Dudley: hey, Kitty, you've met Peg before. :wave:

Kitty: yeah. :unimpressed:

Mrs. Katswell: you know her? :omg:

Peg: yeah. She's my son's squirrel partner... :unimpressed:

Mrs. Katswell: we're not squirrels, we're cats. :unimpressed:

Dudley: you are?! Ohhhhh. No wonder your name's Kitty. :confused:

Kitty: [facepalms] yes, Dudley. :giggle:

Later, whilst Kitty's mother spends some time with the chief's mother, Keswick's mother spends some time with Peg.

Mr. Keswick: I'm going to tak a nap. You guys go on without me. :sleepy:

Keswick's father sleeps in the break room. Keswick, Dudley, and their mothers are alone together. They sit down and talk. Keswick suddenly sneezes out of nowhere. 

Keswick: A'CHOO! :sneeze:

Dudley: gesundheit. :giggle:

Keswick: *sniff* :sneeze:

Peg: I have been wondering. What are you? :confused:

Dudley: mooooom. :unimpressed:

Keswick: uh... Definitely not an alien. :fear:

Mrs. Keswick: yeah. [flattens ears in fear] [tucks tail between legs] :fear:

Peg: oh. :sarcasm:

Dudley: I hope she hasn't offended you. :fear:

Keswick: no, no. It's f-f-fine. We get that a lot. :nod:

Dudley: okay. :D

Everyone sits there for a while. Keswick's mother is nervous. She thinks Peg is on to them and that they might find out that they are aliens. They decide to enter the monster truck rally as Keswick's mother has a monster truck like Peg does. They get a little competitive.

Peg: you're going down, Keswick! :battle:

Mrs. Keswick: in your dreams! :battle:

Peg: [shoots out spikes] :battle:

Mrs. Keswick: [shoots lasers] :battle:

The battle went on for some time. Soon, Keswick's mother finally broke the constant stale mates by beat Dudley's mother. Peg is upset. Mrs. Keswick is just glad the battle is over because she got tired. 

Peg: no fair! You took my title as champion! :angered:

Mrs. Keswick: the important thing is, we had fun. It's not about crushing people. :D

Peg: in a rally, it's about winning, and when someone beats you, you vow revenge! :angered:

Mrs. Keswick: I disagree! Even if you had beaten me, I still would've had fun! :confused:

Peg: I will get you for this though. :angered:

Mrs. Keswick: now hold on a minute! There's no reason to hate someone for beating you in a contest! I know you had that title and lost it, but don't take it out on someone else! :angered:

Dudley: I think winning the title for monster truck rally champion has gone to mom's head. :no:

Keswick: that h-h-happens with me sometimes. My mother has a competitive spirit, but she is f-f-fair and knows that it isn't about winning. :D

Dudley: wow. We still haven't learned that. ^^;

Keswick: just like you and agent Katswell lost your minds for that trophy for agent of the year? :lmao:

Dudley: oh yeah. :giggle:

They get back to T.U.F.F. and on the elevator, Peg and Mrs. Keswick both wanted to play with the lights, but they argued over which shape to put it in.

Peg: Rocket! :angered:

Mrs. Keswick: UFO! :angered:

Peg: Rocket! :angered:

Mrs. Keswick: UFO!-Rocket! :angered:

Peg: UFO! :angered:

Mrs. Keswick: Rocket! :angered:

Peg: i say UFO, and i want it to shape like a UFO! [puts lights in the shape of an alien space ship] :angered:

Mrs. Keswick: *snickers* :lmao:

Peg: wha-? [notices UFO shape] :confused: :angered:

They slapfights just like Dudley and Kitty usually do when they disagree on something. Keswick and Dudley are eating popcorn, just like the judge in the episode, "subliminal criminal". This is the first old lady fight they've seen. They roll out of the elevator, and Keswick's mother was there, but Dudley's mother wasn't. Mrs. Keswick suddenly started choking and coughing. 

Mrs. Keswick: *chokes*'*coughs* [throws up Peg] :sick:

Peg: Really? :unimpressed:

Dudley: that's what happened with me and Kitty. :lmao:

Peg: [points finger towards Mrs. Keswick's nose] you've won this round, but I'll get you. :angered:

Mrs. Keswick: *bites* :angered:

Peg: ouch! Let go! :angered:

Mrs. Keswick: *snickers* :lol:

Peg: [tickles Mrs. Keswick's nose with hair strand] :angered:

Mrs. Keswick: hah...hah..A'CHOO! :sneeze:

Peg: [flies off] whoa! :confused:

Dudley: gesundheit. :aww:

Mrs. Keswick: *sniff* [looks up] *snickers* :lol:

Peg: gross! I got snot on me! :sick:

Mrs. Keswick: [nose twitch] A'CHOO! CH! *sniff* [looks up] [puppy eyes] :sneeze:

Dudley: aw, man! It's those puppy eyes again! :unimpressed:

Keswick: mom, are you okay? :hug:

Mrs. Keswick: yeah. I'm fine. :sneeze:

Peg: ugh. This contest is not over. :unimpressed:

Later, they were all in the break room. They watched some old cartoons. Some of them ate snacks. Peg and Mrs. Keswick hid their little feud from everyone else, but they had it going on while they were alone. 

Kitty: that was the best parents day ever. :D

Chief: yeah. Let's say we have it every year! :love:

Dudley: uh... Yeah. ^^;

Keswick: [nods] ^^;

They say goodbye to their parents, and they leave. They have parents day as the new T.U.F.F. Annual Holiday from now on. Keswick and Dudley's parents have they're little feud which turns into Keswick and Dudley's new favorite live comedy show. They watch and laugh as this goes on for every parents day. The Chief and Kitty doesn't know because Dudley and Keswick kept it as their little secret show.

I'm making a new art series of Blue Alien Dogs! I just drew the Chinese Crested, and more breeds will be coming soon!
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I am a obviously T.U.F.F. Puppy fan. I'm a fan of Kezwick from T.U.F.F. and also his god sister! Ooh! I can't believe it! :excited: The words I recently say to Kezwick is 'I :love: you!' Now that he's on deviantart, i can tell him! :iconrainbowsqueeplz: All of my closest cousins are also fans of T.U.F.F. Puppy and the oldest one has a crush on Kezwick. Kezwick is MY Cuddly-Boo! :love: you, :iconkeswickplz:!


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