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My mother and I were talking about neutering Astro and Keswick. I decided agains it because it would take away their manhoods. My mother said they're just animals, and they don't understand it. As she said that, Keswick and Astro ran and hid under my bed in my room. My mother noticed and she realized animals hate getting neutered more than anything. 

My mother: looks like he understood that. :lol:

Me: yeah. Drink this for a sec. It'll help you. [gives my mother formula] :D

My mother: is it safe? :shrug:

Me: of course. It's supposed to help you understand Keswick more. :shrug:

My mother: okay.. [drinks formula] :shrug:

Keswick: AuBurney, you're not t-taking me to g-g-get neutered, are you? :fear:

My mother: y-you can talk? You understand us? :fear:

Me: mommy, remember I said it would help you understand Keswick more? This is a formula to only understand keswicks. They are aliens that look like dogs, but they have alien powers. :excited:

Keswick: *shivering* [tail between legs] I d-d-didn't want to t-tell you b-b-b-before because I.. I d-didn't w-w-want you to f-f-f-freak out and r-r-report me to th-the media, and I'll b-be experimented on. P-p-p-p-please d-don't let m-my secret get out. :fear:

My mother: I don't know. Im kinda freaked out right now, but we'll see. If he can play like a normal dog and not experiment on us or the house, he might be able to stay. :shrug:

Me: also, mommy, he doesn't want to get neutered. Neither does Astro. :please:

Keswick: it'll t-t-take away our m-manhoods. That's why I f-f-f-freak out when someone says neuter.-*yip*! :fear:

My mother: okay. I won't neuter you or Astro as long as your puppies find good homes. We can't afford to keep anymore pets. We already have you, Astro, and the cats, and I'm trying to find an apartment or house to stay when we move to Little Rock. If we get an apartment, Astro and Orange Stripes will have to stay here. You and Patchy can come cause they're not gonna keep Patchy and You are a housetrained Alien. You'll have to make sure you hide it, though. :shrug:

Me: we already have that covered. Everyone thinks he's a pitbull/Labrador mix that was born with a weird tail. :D

My mother: he can stay. :D

Me and Keswick: YAAAY! :excited: 

Later, I went in my room. Keswick and I were talking about how getting a dog neutered is not good for pets.

Keswick: AuBurney, you know that animals hate the v-v-vet. You see, it not just the n-n-needles. Sometimes the vets would t-talk the pet owners into neutering or spaying their pets, but it makes them unhappy. They don't feel like themselves anymore, and th-th-the animal is never the same after that experience. :fear:

Me: cause, they take your testicles away. That's part of your manhood. :nod:

Keswick: yeah. :fear: 

Me: we'll, don't worry. We can never do a thing like that to you, Keswick. Nor Astro. [petting him] :love:

Keswick: thanks, AuBurney! I n-now know I can always t-tr-trust you. :love:

Me: thanks! I love you, Keswick. :love:

Keswick: I l-l-love you, too, AuBurney. :love:

We went back to watching tv. It's what I do all day. Then, Keswick sneezed, and I cleaned his nose. He doesn't have opposable thumbs. 

Keswick: A'CHOO! :sneeze:

Me: [cleans his nose] :aww:

Keswick: *sniff* thanks, AuBurney. :sneeze:

Me: [nods] :love:

Keswick: *SNEEZES* *SNEEZES*.......... hah...hah...hah..-

Me: [covers his nose] :aww:

Keswick: *sigh* thanks ag-A'CHOO! *sniff* :sneeze:

Me: must be the pollen again. It IS spring time. Should I open the window? :shrug:

Keswick: *SNEEZES* no. *SNEEZES* *SNEEZES* *SNEEZES* *SNEEZES**sneezes* *SNEEZES* *sneezes* *sneezes* *SNEEZES* :sneeze:

Me: dude, are you okay? :aww:

Keswick: *sniff* [nose stops up] i'b fide. :sneeze:

Me: okay, but you sound congested from sneezing so much. :shrug:

Keswick: I'll be alright. :D

Me: okay. :D

We were relaxed once more. I took my morning shower and got back in the bed to watch tv. Keswick cuddled up beside me.
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TUFF. Puppy-REAL LIFE: Keswick's Bro-In-Law, Stan by AuBurneyT-Keswick
TUFF. Puppy-REAL LIFE: Keswick's Bro-In-Law, Stan
Stan is Keswick's brother in law. I took him along with the rest of the family and renamed him Uranus. He also wears an awesome green harness with white stars to match his green collar I got him. His two names are on his lightning bolt-shaped dog license. My mother and papa James (my grandpa) agreed that he stay at his house along with his wife, Keswick's sister. His claws are painted the same color as the stars on his harness.
I'm making a new art series of Blue Alien Dogs! I just drew the Chinese Crested, and more breeds will be coming soon!
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I am a obviously T.U.F.F. Puppy fan. I'm a fan of Kezwick from T.U.F.F. and also his god sister! Ooh! I can't believe it! :excited: The words I recently say to Kezwick is 'I :love: you!' Now that he's on deviantart, i can tell him! :iconrainbowsqueeplz: All of my closest cousins are also fans of T.U.F.F. Puppy and the oldest one has a crush on Kezwick. Kezwick is MY Cuddly-Boo! :love: you, :iconkeswickplz:!


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I have no points, so I'm setting up an adoption to get some. go to my gallery, click the folder that says 'adoptions', and click on the art. it'll show five Chinese crested puppies. type in a comment which pup you want to but then cash in your points here. each costs 200 points. after you cash in the points, tell me (in a comment) the :




Link to older Drawing:

you can use the pup as long as you give me credit for your purchase. enjoy!

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